Before Good Will Hunting, before J-Lo, before the Oscar… meet Matt & Ben.

A delightfully venomous snapshot of a pivotal moment in history – how it all began for two Hollywood golden boys (now famous for tabloid coverage of on-again-off-again romances, big budget smashes and flops, and their “Project Greenlight.”) The tale begins in 1996, in their run-down apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts. When the script that would change their lives drops mysteriously from the heavens, the laughs come at a manic pace as the bright young dreamers (portrayed by female actors) realize they’re being tested by a higher power.

Starring Gianna Lozzi Wolf and Madison Caudullo.

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Talk of the Town

Lately, though, the string of twinkling lights fringing the makeshift performance space is illuminating another form of flourishing artistry, as Raw Street Productions, a South Philly-based theater company, has fittingly made [Connie’s Ric Rac] its own, extracting theatrics from traditional places and plopping them amid bar stools.

Grace Maiorano South Philly Review, 2018

This is a wonderful piece that far exceeded my expectations, especially from a fledgling playwright who has a beautiful ear for dialogue. It has the potential to be an annual treat during the holiday season. The sold-out run shows the burgeoning success of this small powerhouse of a theater company. I anticipate that they will do great things.

Joe Lex Dr. Joe's Groove 106.5 FM, 2018

There’s something universal about Eighth Fish. Everyone in the audience can identify with having a family that’s awkward in its own way, especially with a new person joining the fold.

Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey Broad Street Review, 2018

Schulz might utter Charlie Brown’s most famous phrase, “Good grief,” another big laugh for CB, if he could see Dog Sees God. He might also say, “Good play!”

Mark Cofta Broad Street Review, 2018

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